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Meet Patti and Andrew Miller Producer for the Animated series THUMBS UP!

  • Andrew L Miller and Patti Petrone-Miller are the husband and wife writing team of numerous books for children and adults.

    They are the owner/developer/co-creators of THUMBS UP!™, a made for television animated series about a special dog and a boy with Autism.

  • Patti and Andrew are represented by Polygon Entertainment, Burbank, California 

  • Our animated series THUMBS UP! a series about a boy with Autism and his dog with opposable thumbs is now in ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT. We have on board, the BEST most AWESOMAZING voice talent ever and I am soooo excited to share them with you!

  • Jimmy Hanks, as you may know was the iconic voice for Geoffrey the Giraffe for the famous Toys R Us commercial.

  • David Sobolov, is the voice of Drax the Destroyer in the animated series, Guardians of the Galaxy and the voice of Optimus Prime in the animated series AND Gorilla Grodd in the live action Flash.

  • Susan Ruttan you will know from many many shows over the years and her most recent appearance on LA LAW!

  • Debi Derryberry, who lends her amazing voice to soooo many cartoons and especially Jimmy Neutron and my favorite, the voice of DRACULAURA on Monster High! Everyone knows how much I love that show.

  • Max Albert Vivino, is an awesomazing powerhouse kid that has a singing voice like an angel and has been seen on Broadway and most recently on HBO.

  • Scott Kyle, as most people would know, plays ROSS OF GLENGARRY in OUTLANDER. He will voice thoughts of Elliot the Shetland Sheepdog (we laughed and laughed and laughed when he found out he was going from Ross of Glengarry to a Scottish dog!)

  • Tony Todd, was CANDYMAN...need I say more?

  • Daniel Ross, whom i adore lends his voice to animation with his incredibly funny voice as Donald Duck in Mickey's Wacky Races.

  • Robert Catrini, my have seen him acting side by side with Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher films and his part in the Versace Murders.

  • The Composers of the theme song are the amazing Michael and Patty Silversher who composed songs for Disney, PBS and Jim Henson.

  • Singing the theme song is my BFF with her phenomenal voice is Paulette McWilliams. Most of the 70's people will remember her as the creator of the band RUFUS with her own BFF Chaka Khan.

  • Carey Means is THE ONE, THE ONLY FRYLOCK from Aqua Teen Hunger Force show that has spanned a lifetime it seems on Adult Swim.

  • This amazing powerhouse Team THUMBS UP! also features the awesome voice of

  • Morgan Berry is a voice actor best known for her work in various anime shows, movies, video games, and web series; many appearing on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and Disney XD. Some of her most notable roles being in "Dragon Ball Super”, "My Hero Academia”, "One Piece", “The Rising of the Shield Hero”, “Sword Art Online: Gun Gale”, “Free!”, “Beyblade Burst Turbo”, "KanColle", "Touken Ranbu", "Hyperdimension Neptunia", “Overlord”, "Riddle Story of Devil", "ēlDLIVE", and the award winning film “The Boy and the Beast.” Morgan is also in many major titles including “Fairy Tail”, “Attack on Titan”, and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. Her most notable video game titles include “Marvel Avengers Academy”, "Smite", and the Nintendo game “Freedom Planet 2”. In addition, she voices for a variety of web series including Team Four Star's "Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged", ScrewAttack's "DEATH BATTLE” as the Yellow Power Ranger, and the main protagonist Eris in "Gods’ School". On top of voice acting, Morgan is a professional recording artist and YouTube Personality under the name “The Unknown Songbird” with over 7 Million views in total. As a professional singer, she has performed at many prolific arenas including the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, the Toyota Center, the American Airlines Center, and Bass Hall. 

  • Gage Maverik  has been an acting coach for several years as well as a working actor and is most proud of his performances as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde in Jekyll and Hyde the Broadway Musical, Daniel Kaffee in A Few Good Men and Uncle Louie in Lost in Yonkers.

    He appeared as a Co-Host on a Network Television Game Show in Hollywood on Game Show Network with 30-year veteran 27 EMMY award-winning host Fred Roggin. He has also created, produced as well as hosts his own LIVE show that features acting, singing, dancing and all elements of the performance arts and is currently in production of a TV Show he has created and hosts that discovers undiscovered talent and gives them exposure to the world called The Gage Maverik Road Show. He graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2007. He brings his over 20 years of acting on stage and screen experience to the table, and looks forward to working with anyone willing to hire or work with him.

  • The animators for this awesome show are in the VERY skilled and talented hands of our team at Exodo Animation Studios!

  • Plus three AWESOMAZING show runners I will keep secret for a while longer. They are the best in the industry believe me...

  • WHEW! I can't believe I held this in for 5 long years! But the cat is finally out of the bag!

  • Stay tuned for more exciting news as this series unfolds...TEAM ELLIOT AND JOSEPH ASSEMBLE!

  • Patti is the Guest Judge for PBS where she was the first author in the history of the KIDS GO writing contest to present the awards. Patti is a member of many organizations for children’s literacy programs, including RIF, Reading Rockets, AIA, Autism Society, American Library Association, International Thriller Writers, Parapsychology Association, Horror Writer’s Association, National Summer Reading Association, Writer’s Guild, Association for the Blind and more.

    Andrew and Patti are represented by a leading US Brand Licensing Agent, Tina Burke, a Film Production team, Hildi Yanez Viadero Talent Management.

    Patti is a retired special education teacher. Her specialty includes Autism, Down Syndrome, and Aspergers.

    To date, the team has fifty-four children’s books published in print, hard cover, digital format and braille. Patti has a publishing career that expands over forty years.

    Andrew Miller is the author and creator of the “Michael Williams” series, the “Elliot the Magical Puppy” series, as well as multiple other works in the science fiction and fantasy genres. During the course of his life he has worked with, and interacted with, a broad variety of eclectic subcultures, organizations, and individuals, ranging from armored Stick Jocks of the Society for Creative Anachronism, to custodial engineers equally adept with building microwave cannons and mopping floors, to USMC officers training to defend against time traveling medieval knights. His likes include animals (especially dogs), video games, martial arts, cuisine, and good books. His dislikes include bullies, hypocrites, and “teachers” more interested in yelling at students and whacking them with sticks than in teaching (that is to say, teachers who are bullying hypocrites). His birth sign is Aries, he has no idea why that even matters and if encountered should be considered talkative and gregarious. Your best option is to put food in his mouth and flee while he’s distracted.

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